Stress Success

Individual and group stress management program. I am available for group presentations to organizations and can tailor stress management services to meet your organization's needs.

Critical Incident
Stress Debriefing

Specialized Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and stress debriefing for organizations that have witnessed a violent or traumatic event.

Empowered Journey

Ongoing class to help you identify your goals and dreams, and achieve success.

Phone & Email Service

If you are unable to come to my office, I offer telephone counseling and e-mail service. Contact me for more information and scheduling.

Crisis Intervention

If you are in the midst of a crisis, I want to schedule your appointment within 24 hours if possible. It's important that you receive help as soon as possible to assist you with the crisis at hand.

Suicide Prevention

I am here to help you live! If you are suicidal, I will determine your risk factor, help you remain safe and assist you with strategies to deal with suicidal feelings.

All-Age Psychotherapy

Not only do I provide psychotherapy for adults; I also work with children and adolescents.