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Health Trauma

When a medical condition or health issue is sudden and comes as a shock, the effects can feel overwhelming. A life-altering, severely debilitating, or near-fatal illness or health condition may be extremely challenging to face. You may feel hopeless, irritable, angry, depressed, and stressed. Relationships with family and friends may become strained. Being unable to engage in one's daily routine or attend school or work may be challenging, and you may experience stress related to academic performance, job security, or financial concerns, especially when the prognosis is unclear.

I have over 30 years experience. My services help you develop a better understanding of an illness, disability, or condition and explore ways to cope with the challenges that may be overwhelming you. In addition, I can empower you to change habits or lifestyles that can lead to improved physical well-being.

You have just taken your first step in your healing journey by finding a therapist. For therapy to be successful, you have to establish a meaningful relationship with the therapist. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about therapy and make recommendations that are best for YOU.

Book a free consultation to learn more about my experience and how I can help guide your healing journey.